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NoMeet is an LMS plug-in for the management of asynchronous group meetings. It manages meeting agenda, schedules, group files, group membership. (See also "Meetings: The ultimate time-suck and what to do about them.")

NoMeet is especially for people skeptical of the productivity of long face-to-face meetings (or for those claiming they're too busy to attend or to come early to meetings… or maybe just stuck in traffic?) but, still, want to get things done by the group or the committee.

NoMeet is based on Chairman (now a deprecated plugin). It's offered here as part of moodLearning's LMS-customization services. The forked code will be released as an open source plugin in the future.

"LMS Plugins"

Use Cases

  • Rolling Meeting. The group only has a very limited time to meet face-to-face (with traffic and all), and discussions and decisions can be made via NoMeet.
  • Purely Asynchronous Meeting. People who cannot meet face-to-face at the same time can check in at NoMeet and “meet” asynchronously.
  • Online Companion. NoMeet can be an organizing platform for either face-to-face or online meeting. Materials and group routines can be organized on NoMeet.


  • Add NoMeet as an activity

Go to your course page. Click on “Turn editing on” and on “Add an activity or resource”

Then configure NoMeet accordingly:

Viola!, you now have a meeting channel, er NoMeeting channel!


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